Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quiz: Who is the photographer?

Let us see if it is easy to identify the photographer in this picture.

She is always surrounded by a lot of people. People wait around her to complete her shot. She always uses the same camera. She never uses the flash though she has one attached to the camera. She lets casual photographers take her pictures. Living in one of the most beautiful city in the world, she never travels. She does not talk to anyone yet can be deceptive.

Guess who is she?


  1. Great to meet you greet you and read you here

  2. Hi A,

    no idea, ....
    btw wats ur name ...
    tell me that first...then we will guess..
    after all u dont know my friends so i dont know ur can i know her...ur freind na.. ha..ha.. :)

  3. I can't and why insult her by just guesswork.

  4. Not even a faintest idea. Waiting for her name :-)

  5. @Sapna :- Thanks. I will try to keep posts interesting.

    @Readers Dais:- She is not my friend so it does not matter. Hahaha :) But good try. I will email you my name/contact anyways.

    @BK:- That is nice. Actually I put this picture there to respect some people. Please wait for my answer.

    @Insignia:- No problem. But thanks for trying.

    I will wait for some other people to try. On Wednesday night (USA), I will add some more hints. I no answer by Friday, I will post the answer.

  6. absoluutely pass the question...cheers buddy..

  7. No clue whatsover- looking forward to the answer

  8. Blink, blink, blank, blank...

  9. @Ramesh:- No problem. Thanks for trying anyway.

    @Anjuli:- I was expecting either your or Nisha to figure out. I don't know if she has seen it or not. But thanks for trying.

    @NRIGirl: I like your comment.

  10. Guessing this mysterious female photographer is tough one..Is she taking pictures in some casino or night club? Where is this place...Paris or USA?
    I am first time seeing this unique pattern of sleeves which passes through your fingers...waiting for more clues.

  11. I feel the pic is of some wax model or just a model but sure enough that its a non living thing .

  12. Sonu,

    You are right. I have posted the answer in the next post. Great job.

    Usha, you were on the right track.