Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Jyothi

We all know why birthdays are special. While we celebrate birthdays of family and friends, we tend to ignore the birthdays of people we interact every day at work and blogs.

Why not celebrate a blogger birthday on blogs?

December 5 marks birthday of a humble, grounded and unassuming blogger Jyothi. Let us all wish her a Happy Birthday.

May God fill your soul with divine light
Your days be bright and free of blight

May God bless you a long life
Full of meaning, free of strife

Have a fun filled day
We all wish you Happy Birth day, Happy Birth day, Happy Birth day

See wishes from NRIGirl also.


  1. Many happy returns of the day To you jyothi and A has done a good job

    Happy birthday Jyothi

  2. Wish you many more happy returns of d day Jyothi..
    n u r lucky 2 hav such a great fnd..

  3. happy birthday Jyothi and this is real nice of you A

  4. Happy birthday Jyothi.


    This is such a wonderful gesture :)

  5. Thanks for the offer. My Husband and I would like that...very much!!!!!

  6. its so sweet of you both (nri too)to consider this.wishes to the gal.

  7. Many happy returns of the day To you jyothi

    great idea A.

  8. Happy birthday Jyoti..I jus went through her blog..nice pictures of Dubai!

  9. My best wishes to Jyoti on her Birthday...Happy Birthday Jyoti!!

    Recently she stopped by my blog and followed me..I am yet to visit her blog...nice to see that "A" and "NriGirl" are virtually celebrating her Birthday. warm gesture. :)

  10. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you A for this wonderful wishes and gesture. You made my day very special indeed. Now I flying on seventh heaven. It was a wonderful surprise and one that I am going to cherish all my life! Thank you. Thank you. :D

  11. What a lovely idea..Happy birthday Jyothi..Have a lovely year ! now,where's my cake ?

  12. Thank you Bikram. :)

    Thank you Neeha. I know I am. :)

    Thank you Suchita. :)

    Thank you Insignia.:)

    Aparna - What's the offer?

    Thank you Sophie. :)

    Thank you Raji. :)

    Thank you sm. :)

    Thank you Harman. :)

    Thank you Usha. :)

    I am really really touched by this gesture. :)

  13. Such a nice gesture A.
    Happy Birthday Jyothi

  14. Jyothi:
    A million birthday wishes
    To the birthday girl Jyothi
    Hoping that every day, hour and minute
    Passes by in happiness and glee.

    Happy returns of the day
    May the joys drive your gloom away
    Just a little task for you
    Do count your blessings, will you?

    And when you do that, you will see
    Life is beautiful and worth living, really!!

    Regards and love,
    Punam [ A fellow sagittarian :) ]

    A, that was a noble deed. I am sure Jyothi will remember this all her life. :)

  15. Thank you Kiran.

    That's a lovely poem punam. Thank you. I am honoured!

    I had a wonderful day today. Here's wishing all of you the best in life. I am really grateful and deeply touched.

  16. Belated b'day wishes Jyoti. Thank you A for this post.

  17. It is so true, but I just cant seem to rememebr the dates...happy Bday jyothi..5th dec is very special for me as my little doll was also born on this day:)

  18. Happy Birthday Jyothi... May God bless you with lotssa happiness and love...

    Another Archer... ;)

  19. Happy brithday Jyothi. And A, you always surprise me. Very nice post.

  20. hey lemme join the group and here pass on my best wishes..cheers always..

  21. My best wishes on your birthday.

  22. Thank you Chitra. :)

    Thank you Renu. :) Best wishes to your doll too.

    Thank you Stranger. :) Archer's rock. :)

    Thank you Emily. :)

    Thank you Ramesh.:)

    Thank you Chowla sir. :)

    Thank you Petty Witter. :)

  23. Belated birthday wishes,Jyothi.Have wonderful days ahead.

  24. Belated Wishes to Jyothi! Hope you had a good one!

  25. Thank you Dr. Antony.

    Thank you Tanvii. I did. :)