Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Looks opulent: Can you guess this place?


Picture captures expensive chandeliers, luxurious furniture, golden colored plating on the wall corners and of course beautiful carpets. Can you guess where did I take this picture? Here are a few hints:

  1. This place is in a beautiful city with a river flowing through the center.
  2. This English speaking country has been recently in the news for two important unrelated reasons.

Let us see who can guess first!

(Update:- At the time of this update, Lord Mani, Rama, Kavita and Harman have correctly identified the picture being part of Dublin Castle correctly. See my next post here.)


  1. Absolutely no idea. But if I were to take a wild guess from your clues, I would say some government official residence in London, England.

    The decor is quite similar to the Red Room in the White House!

  2. @NRI, BK

    Finally I managed to make a difficult quiz))) Did you notice there is no one in the picture? Thanks for trying. I will drop some hints tomorrow.

  3. cant guess..may be London?

  4. River flowing in the center..it should be Venice ,Italy I guess:))

  5. some place in the US. Though, it looks like Royal Palms Hotel in Mumbai :).

  6. I am sure it is London- That is the only "English speaking city" with river flowing through its center and has been in news for two important unrelated event- one was Prince William's wedding.
    This bit I am sure.
    Which place is this. I will figure out after your next hints.

  7. How u love to tease us?..seems to be UK.

  8. That's in the Dublin Castle, Ireland, I think

  9. You are right Lord Mani, it is the Dublin Castle.
    Amrit, now please tell everyone that we are the winners in this quiz.

  10. i think it is england A,because your hints are saying so,

    hope you will let us know soon,

    god bless

  11. Some hotel in Australia? LOL :)

    Destination Infinity

  12. Dear all,

    I just woke up and I'm amazed by correct answer in the comments. Not only correct but very specifIc......I will post some more pictures tonight.

  13. I will go with Lord Mani ,after all he is renowned Quiz Master.
    For some unknown reason i am not able to comment with my google account .

  14. Would it be the residence of a certain well known family residing in London?

    Just to let you know its me Petty Witter - like Anon above I'm also unable to sign in on google.

  15. here is more info


  16. I really have no clue. I would wait for the answer :)

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  17. Oh my goodness this room is gorgeous!!!!I want to say England-- is it Buckingham Palace?

  18. its a dublin castle for sure and this is a state room which is shown up here with antique kind of furniture
    "yeh baal humne dhoop mein safed nahi kiye"
    tch tch tch!

  19. I had no idea to start with, but getting ideas from the comments!

  20. AHhha!!
    Now why can't you be specific about the 2 people who gave the correct answer, Quiz Master?
    That is not fair, we protest!!!

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