Thursday, November 10, 2011

11-11-11 Birthday

Fascinated by the mathematical properties of number 11, some expect spiritual awakening on 11-11-11 and some anticipate ghastly incidents. All of them are wrong. An amazing event has already occurred but several years back. An extraordinary person, my friend, Bikram was born on 11-11 but several years back. What makes him incredible?

  • He is very scary. Yes, dreadful British criminals are scared of this cop.
  • He defies the quote ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of None’. He is master of all. He has mastered several skills. Remarkable writer, capable cop, Fitness Trainer and intelligent IT professional – all in one.
  • A true gentleman which reflects in his posts.
  • Has charisma that works on females of all age group.

I do have a complaint against him though. I had asked him, “Dude, what is the magic? How do you impress so many female readers?” He did not and would not tell me the secret recipe.

I figured it out though. It is his honesty and simplicity.

He is blessed with many good friends, well wishers and superb qualities but he made an effort for these blessings. It was not matter of chance.

Happy Birthday Bikram!!! I wish you all the success in your life and you attain whatever goal you set.  

Along with many others also join me:-


  1. Cool Amrit! Loved your write up! Of course Happy Birthday once again to Bikram!

  2. Nice....u are right when u say that he charms everyone with his honesty and simplicity!! Happy birthday once again to Bikram!

  3. BTW.. comprehensive essay!!.. I am just too famous for writing long summaries at work.. he he he

  4. Happy birthday wishes to Bikram.

  5. Happy birthday wishes to Bikram.

  6. Absolutely! I wished him too this morning. A part of his charm lies in the fact that he is very sharp at picking details and noticing things that others miss out :). Wishing a happy birthday to a co-Scorpion :). Long live the sting!

  7. sweet post.. Happy bday to Bikram.

  8. So many birthday posts for him? He deserves all these and more! As you said all of us females irrespective of age, like him for his innocence and honesty!

    You have said it all about him, Amrit! He has got good friends like you! Happy birthday, once again, Bikram! This is the 3rd wish for him today from me!

  9. SO much love and so many wishes am i blessed OR AM I BLESSED ..

    Thank you Amrit paaji for such a beautiful gift, ..

    @NriGirl :- Thank you once again .. you guys have been awesome and one more wish on the bucket list is to meet you all sometime...

    @Mangala :- Thank you once again... Glad to know you find that about me .. I am a mere human being good for some bad for others :)

    @Punam :- Thank you so much once again

    @Harish:- Thank you sir.. How you doing.

    @RAchna:- Yes you did, Actually your email was the first one to come :) Thank you so much. And yes Long like the Sting .. We are after all Scorpions THE BEST :)

    @Bhargavi :- Thank you so much.

    @Sandhya :- YEs so many I am blessed GOd is so kind .. Thank you Mam for the wishes once again .. I have so many good friends and such lovely people as yourself around I cant thank god enough ...

  10. No point in being jealous A. :) Its real lovely that all three of you did this for him. Bikram you are truly blessed!

  11. I couldnt agree more..we have a Bikram fan club. What say Bikky the generous, kind hearted cop?

  12. Once again (after on fb ,nris ,bikrams)A Very Happy Birthday To Bikram:) And a very happy birth month to you too Amrit :)

  13. A very Happy Birthday Bikram!
    You are really a nice guy , that is why you have s many friends. All the very best to you.
    And thanks Amrit for remembering him on his birthday.

  14. buddy...just now NRI girl offered a slice of cake on bikram's bday...u missed it or waht? hahha..gr8 yar...nice to c our blog fraternity so affectionate and knitted..happy happy happy...

  15. Lovely post. Happy B'day to Bikram :)

  16. nice post
    Happy Birthday To Bikram

  17. This is so sweet.
    A very Happy Birthday To You Bikram. :)

  18. What a great write up- and a VERY happy Birthday to Bikram!!

  19. Such nice post on Bikram. 11.11.11 was my friends's Birthday too and I have already done post on it.
    It is actually a special date of special people

  20. Many many happy returns of the day Bikram... :)

  21. yep Agreed..
    our little frd BIKU (bikram)has lot of qualities...and the biggest one is to have lot of female following ...
    He is simple ,honest and such a lovely person to talk!
    "God bless our Biku"

  22. @Jyothi ;- Thank you once again yes am blessed Ot have such lovely people areound.

    @Pretty writer :- Thank you so much.

    @Alka:- Mam I am not sure of all that , But what i do know is That you all are such lovely and good people and I am happy that I got to know you all. I guess good makes others good too.. So I am probably getting good tooo :) So Thank you

  23. @Kavita :- Thank you again and again and againnnnnnnnnnn :)

    @Rama:- good people see others good too.. :) so THANK YOU for being there and wishing me ..

    @Ramesh :- Thank you sireeeeeeeeeee :)

    @Sh@s:- Thank you so much..

    @Sm :- thank you so very much

    @Choco :- Thank you so much for the wishes ..

  24. @Anjuli :- Thank you so much...

    @Kiran :- thank you for the wishes

    @Tan :- thank you how are you doing .. :)

    @Harman:- Thank's a lot .. I would not say following I would say friends :) they are all good people and lovely people and I am blessed .. God has been kind ...

    @b.K. Chowla :- Chowla sir .. thank you so much for the wishes


  25. @A.... awww.. that was such a sweet, honest post!

    @Bikram .... happy birthday, and I think A hit the nail on the head. You come across as a truly honest and sincere person in your blogposts. Btw... didn't know you are a cop! wow!

  26. i wished him there and i wish him here again
    happyyyyyyyyyyy birthday bikyyyyyyyyyyyy:-)
    like i always say-you are one of the most loved bloggers...see A brought you here before me:(

    and please, yes please let us know the secret-how u manage to impress so many female readers? bolo, bolo ji;-)

  27. Oops I m so late...Happy B'day Bikram. :)

  28. Nice post A, I was not in town and missed your post and missed to wish Bikram too. he is a really nice person, I love to read his posts.
    You are also a wonderful person. Very few people know how to appreciate others.You have done it well.
    Work pressure is very high for me and miss my friends posts a lot.

  29. Bikram makes wonderful comments on blogs. He comments on everyone's blogs of Google, except one.
    Clue- That person too has a symmetry in birth date 1/9/19xx.

  30. "Elementary,Dr.Watson. The person is Kirti.", Holmes said.
    "How do you know that?", Dr.Watson asked.
    "Who else will care for and look for symmetry in birth date except the person himself?",replied Holmes and began to light his pipe.

  31. Well it looks like I got too late to wish u, but
    Happy b'day ..

    God bless u :)

  32. @Nirvana :- thanks for the wishes .. well now you know :) he he he

    @suruchi:- areeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you shud know the secret , you only told me that na .. and moreover you say you are impressed by me so AAP BOLO ji what impressed you HA HA HA HA HA :)

    @Ria :- Thank you so much

    @AS:- thank you so much

    @Chitra:- Thank you mam for the wishes .. good people always find others to be good :)

    @Kirti :- Hmmm I guess I got to come to yours too :) thank you Sire ..

    @Jyoti :- its never too late for wishes .. they are welcome anytime all the time so Thank you so much


  33. @Kirti :- I tried finding your blog but its not on ur profile do email me your blog if you have one :)