Tuesday, June 26, 2012

India and Pakistan


It is time to bridge to the other piece,

It is time to ask and preserve peace


It is time to farewell firearms competition

It is time to open arms to form a coalition


It is time to end senseless hatred and destruction

It is time to mend path for dialog and construction


It is time to extinguish and throw away ammunition

It is time to distinguish and create a new definition


It is time to displace anxiety and tears

It is time to embrace nears and dears


It is time to diffuse landmines and bombs

It is time to introduce truce and say salaams


Aren’t we tired of hearing death and grief?

Is not it time for humanity and belief?


Wonder who gains pleasure from killing

Is not material and spiritual growth fulfilling?


Author’s Note: The thought of this article came to my mind while visiting Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a tourist attraction on the border of the USA and Canada. It attracts thousands of visitors every month and generates millions of dollars of revenue and provides employment for many. Kashmir, supposedly heaven on the earth, is probably one of the most unsafe places on earth. Imagine if India and Pakistan can start living peacefully and solve Kashmir problem. Only if! What do you think?


  1. I agree with every single word here, yes this is the right time for both the nations to move on..be friends and focus on the basic issues like Poverty and education instead of wasting millions and millions of rupees on making weapons.

  2. Absolutely!!! We are barely two nations - we have the same foods, the same dialect, the same cultural bend as each other - so sad that politics, religion and pure fanatism has reduced us to enemies! Lovely thought there!

  3. Wow! Well said!! Yep, now after 60 years of all the war and hatred its time to move on!

  4. Amrit,

    I had the same thoughts the moment I saw the Rainbow bridge when I visited Niagara and was told it bridges Canada and US. Imagine the benefit at all levels if only India and Pak keep peace? If only....

  5. Wonderful feelings flowed to be a beautiful verse.....
    Hope more and more people feel this way and we have another Rainbow bridge some day .....

  6. I agree to each and every word you said but how will it happen is the question...

  7. its the need of the hour...

    Lovely Post...:)

  8. we Indians want that, but do they?

  9. How I wish that it could happen..
    I visited Kashmir in 1980..Such a beautiful place on Earth and what it has come to now.

  10. Such a poignant piece. I think most countries could benefit by taking heed of your words.

  11. I agree word by word with you A. And that's what I wish. A peace in both the countries. But that's a far dream isn't it?

  12. Hi Amrit, thats a very nice thought, but this would need a lot of patience from both sides.
    Hope that happens!

  13. beautiful thoughts penned brilliantly

  14. Written very well Amrit. Hope people learn and live amicably.

  15. Nice and very thought provoking!!

  16. Finding so many words that rhyme should have been difficult? That too having the negative in the first line and positive in the second line. Nice poem.

    Destination Infinity

  17. nice and good poem
    but in reality is not possible

  18. Lovely shot of the bridge. The effect of light is amazing.

  19. nice pic
    hope you are doing fine
    good luck