Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gandhi's statue

Most people in the world recognize that it is a statue of unparalleled Mahatma Gandhi. Sitting in a moving car, I took this picture on a hazy day. Located at one of the busiest intersection of a large city, the statue pays tribute to India’s great leader in a foreign land that does not have a large population of Indians. Situated on a coast, this city is a very popular tourist destination.

Let us see who can guess this city.


  1. BK,

    Thanks for a good effort. But it is not Fiji. Fiji has a large Indian population. This place has very very small Indians.

  2. Hmmm I have been seeing this picture since the moment you published this post. No success :-(

  3. Dear Readers,

    Instead of posting a picture of a known monument of a place, I picked up something that is unusual and will make most Indians proud. So far guesses are Fiji and Italy, but that is not this place is.


    Thanks for trying. Most likely when I answer this question, you will be pleased.


    Sorry it is not Italy. It is possible that even in Italy they have Gandhi's statue but I did not see one. I have been to Venice and Milan only though. Again you will be pleased when I reply.

  4. Hmm... can't even take a wild guess here...

  5. I was to guess as Africa,south America,Mexico..but I guess somebody already guessed it right..I will wait for your confirmation.

  6. This is in Houston, Texas.

  7. Dear reades,

    You guys are awesome.

    Readers Dais, it is not China. If I find Gandhi's statue in China I will post here.

    Usha, yes it could be anywhere because Gandhi is very well respected. I get your point.

    SG, I beleive there is one in Houston Texas but this is picture is not at Huston. Also Houston has a big Indian community.

    Logu, you are right on spot. I will post more details. Also can you email me how you figured it out or how you knew it.

  8. Was amazed to find out it is in Rio! Wow- I also know there is one in New Zealand and yes, there is one in Italy- however, not this particular one :)...Gandhi was indeed a man before his time forging the way of true change.

  9. I too knew that it was in Rio! only coz I have been there but there is one quite similar to this in Acapulco, Mexico! too ... which is also next to the coast, with less Indian population and touristic destination :)

  10. Now we have a statue in Sao Paulo as well.