Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Mom is....

My daughter wrote this poem for her mom. She dedicates this poem to all mothers of the world.

“My Mom is……”

My mom is a school
Teaching me the values
Of life.

My mom is a fortress
Protecting me from
All dangers.

My mom is a vacuum cleaner
Always cleaning up
My mess.

My mom is medicine
Always curing
My sickness.

My mom is a magician
Always keeping me

My mom is the sun
Always giving
A ray of hope.

My mom is rain
Washing away
My sorrows.

My mom is magnificent. She makes my miracles come true.
She is the reason for my existence.
My mom is my hero.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautifully said.
    Happy Mother's day.

  2. Very beautiful.
    Happy Mother's day to all mothers including me of course. :-)

  3. Mom is everything...wonderfully said in these lines.

  4. Great poem Ms.A! I loved the line "She is the reason for my existance" It is so full of meaning...

  5. the love mom gives makes her visible in all good things we see around in life,
    nothing is enough in life to express our love for our mom....
    nice we could atleast show some thru words...

  6. Nice to read one more wonderful poem from your daughter..She has very well expressed deep loving bond with mother. :)

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

  7. loved this!!!! What a wonderful end to my Mother's Day- reading this.

  8. buddy sorry for dropping in late ya...this post is very's one person in the world even a brute will love..

  9. hey buddy how 2 thank u for all your encouragement ya?? lemme wish u all the best..and wishes to yr fmly...

  10. Mom becomes everything we need..don't you think so? :)

  11. BK, Nisha, Neha, Ramesh, Usha, Anjuli, Insignia and Readers Dais,

    Thanks. I have passed on all remarks to my daughter. She is happy.

  12. Superb ..she wrote such a nice piece for her mother .. gifted child ..My loving regards for her ..

  13. beautiful..............

  14. Lovely Poem! Made me miss my Mom! :)

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