Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Big Foot

Goa makes us think beaches, fenny and parties. That is not all though. Besides enjoying Goa’s breath taking natural beauty, temples and churches are worth visiting. 

The Big Foot Museum is one the best artistic places to visit in Goa. The Big Foot tale is about a rich but honest and forgiving man Mahadar. After losing everything to the deceit of the neighbors, he wished for forgiveness of the people who cheated him and for himself just asked for a small place to pray. The God offered him a hot rock and he stood on single foot to pray. The footprint of this foot is the Big Foot.

Set in parkland, this open air museum hosts the life size statues and fixtures illustrating the culture and tradition of Goa from last 200 years. The guided tour of the museum begins with formal welcome by applying kumkum on the forehead followed by guides walking visitors through different parts of the museum.

The pictures tell the complete story of the spectacular artwork in creating these models and artifacts. 


  1. Very informative and excellent post. Have not visited Goa so far. When people say “Goa” I always think about Portuguese architecture. Thanks for telling us about The Big Foot Museum. Will visit there on our next trip to India.

  2. Never knew this existed in Goa. Thanks for these pictures. I got reminded of Chaunki Dhani in Pune where people enact the tradition live!

  3. Good Post. Although I visited Goa for vaccation, I missed out this one. If I happen to visit Goa again, I would visit this place.

  4. I must confess of my ignorance.I went to GOA about 25 yrs back, but then I was not even aware as to all should I be seeing around.

  5. wow! I have heard a lot and read many tourism articles on Goa but never heard about this wonderful aspect.
    Thank you for this enlightening post :) :)


  6. Thank you for sharing pictures from Goa! Very interesting...

  7. Yes, I loved what you have written about Goa...

    In fact another interesting thing is goa is a good place to even start your career... It has more than 7 fully fledged industrial estates that has major MNCs and pharma companies lile, P&G, Louis Berger, Cipla, Ranbaxy, Ratiopharm, Phillips, IFB and many more...

    Frankly people have only one outlook towards Goa and are ignorant.

    Its Much more than (g)IRLS (o)CEANS (a)LCOHOL GOA.


  8. I had no clue this was there in GOA.. I have never been to the place but have heard a lot about it but never this.. Thanks for sharing the pics and the knowledge.. maybe when i d oGET to go there i can havea look at the place ..

  9. @SG:- Thanks. Portuguese architecture..I am not sure.

    @Dudo:- Nice one. I did not know the expansion of GOA.

    @Insignia:- That is the reason I posted because it is not widely known and it the best place I liked.

    @Bik:- Yes. It is a place you want to go.

    @Subu:- Yes. Please do visit this place. You will like it.

    @BK:- We took a guide and specifically asked for temples and museums.

    @dialogforyou:- You are welcome.

    @NRIGirl:- When you go to India, next time consider this place and you are welcome.

  10. This post of yours took me back to 2005!! I visited Goa then..i simply love that place!! Though i was thr for more than3 weeks the only thing we knew was beaches,party but this is something new n very informative.
    Nice post "A" :)...n i liked your blog too :)!!

    take care :))

  11. @A haha , expansion is an outlook towards GOA by a layman :)

  12. Very interesting, would definitely visit and suggest to people who have not heard about this place. How did you come to know about this place?
    In India,only popular places are highlighted,we ignore to highlight such beautiful places, and I don't know why.
    I am sure many locals also are not aware of this place.
    BTW thanks for dropping by my blogs.

  13. A
    I didn't see the Big foot museum though we have covered lot of other sites. But I would be visiting Goa again as my son is studying there. So I would add this too in my list. Thanks for the info.
    I also blog at and I have written about Amchem Goa a 3 part series. Please visit my other blog too and give me your opinion. Blogspot posts are only for my Pilgrimage . My life experiences I write at wordpress.

  14. vaalah...i also dint know abt this..have to visit next time..thanks 4 sharing buddy:)

  15. wonderful post... didnt know abt this so thanks for sharing :)

  16. @Rama, I just asked the guide for museums and he took us there. Most locals know about it.

    @Chitra:- You are welcome.

    @Ramesh:- You are welcome.

    @Rajlaxkshmi:- Welcome to my blog. Thanks the encouragement.

  17. @Nazish:- Thanks. I am glad you like my blog. Sorry I missed you in my first list.

  18. That Big foot story is very interesting. The pictures that you have put are very nice too.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment there.

  19. I also saw this in Goa:)..good pictures!!!

  20. Nice one Amrit.. Enjoyed it! How big was the foot? :)

  21. Thanks Kiran, Renu and Bquber

  22. the best thing i like abt ur blog is u come out with different view points, i had a friend from goa, but never have i heard about this museum, but abt feni, beaches etc..they say a lot..
    thanks friend.for ur eyeopeners

  23. one more thing is that if you touch and pray on that bigfoot, whatever you wish will come true. There are lots of testimonials which are written on papers by many people,about this bigfoot, which one can find on the board.

    1. Very Interesting what should be done when the wish is fullfilled beacause of Big Foot

    2. I am thankfull to Bigfoot for fulfilling our wish . The Bigfoot has been so calm and beautifull that it make you feel peace . Visiting there will help you fulfilling your wish. I hope that with the blessing of bigfoot , me and my family will be happy always

  24. I have never heard about this place in Goa.. Thanks for sharing... Have it bookmarked it my must-visit places list ..!!

  25. i heard about the churches and various visiting places and monuments in goa but not abot this til now
    will sure visit the place if at all i get a chance to visit goa in my lifetime.