Monday, November 8, 2010

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Designer Unknown (2007 Fashion Show)
 (A friend asked me to write a post on Fashion. Fashion is not my forte but a few months back blogging was not my book either. So I decided to take on the challenge. I dedicate this post to all Fashion Designers, Fashion Bloggers and Fashion Loving Females i.e. almost 99% females of the world.)

Design by Tina of NY (2010 Fashion how)
Attending a couple of fashion shows provide an insight into the workings of fashion industry. Fashion design appears glamorous but it requires dedication, hard work and enormous amount of patience. Fashion Design is a great combination of analysis and art and calls for using both sides of the brain. While a Fashion Designer uses creativity to make a design, artistic faculties to choose color or combination of colors and pattern, scientific wisdom is helpful in deciding texture and type of cloth. 

Design by Tina of NY (2010 Fashion S
The design process involves sketching the design on paper and visualizing on a human body. Imagining the costume on a human body is probably equally challenging as creating the design. Computer technology helps but animation cannot predict real people. Desire for perfection motivates the details and subtlety in style and those become the key differentiators. The designer’s task is not complete unless the right accessories are bundled with the main costume. If it is a design for an individual, a specific segment of a society, an occasion or for masses, the process is similar and time consuming.

Fashion Designers deserve appreciation for their relentless efforts to make a significant population of the world look and most importantly feel beautiful.  

Three words for three picks of the post: Elegance & sophistication idealized.

(Credit: Last two pictures are taken by a friend who had a better seat.)


  1. A neat and concise post describing the hard work that goes behind. My husband is in textile industry. When he talks about the technicality of hems, seams, thread counts...I remain baffled. When we go to buy any cloth, we find so many flaws in them, but just a thought about what it takes to create a garment would help us appreciate the effort.

    Your dress can speak volumes about you, and fashion as always accentuates you.

  2. Nice post. You wrote "attending a couple of fashion shows provide an insight". Just curious. Can you tell me where (city) you attended these shows. I don't doubt your attending the shows. There are different themes with shows in New York or Los Angeles or Milan. That is why I asked.

  3. Wow u sure did a good job, nobody writes abt the hard work that goes on in the back ground, everybody writes only abt the glamorous side of it.

  4. Wow, Nice post A, loved it. Presented in simple terms. You too need appreciation for that.

  5. wow..this was an honest attempt and it reflects in your post..:) Am not a fashionista myself but yeah, i prefer classy outfits to girly ones..:P

  6. perfect depiction! the last statement is 100%true.they strive hard to create a costume that can be idealised as a 'trend setter';and the crowd follows them.

  7. I have watched a few glimpses of fashion shows on TV when I change channels and I have always wondered "Do people really wear such clothes?". I am not a Fashion fan, but yeah its not an easy job.

  8. I am the last person who should comment on fashion.

  9. Oh dear, I'm afraid I'm one of those in the 1% category. Still, an interesting post, it's always nice to learn about something different, something I don't usually think about AND I have to admit that I love that dress on the top right of your post.

  10. Dont know about this at all but i have been to TWO fashion shows here in london , My cousin is a well knows designer in india and a friend here in london too, so they keep inviting me but after the two i never went am not much impressed with the celbreties that come anyway the point i wanted to make was you go to all these shows and people come out wearign these beautiful dresses but then
    HOW many of those dresses are actually VIABLe to wear out in public, if you see most of the designs never make it out to the public , at least that what i feel, and I have seen my cousin go beserk when mr. george clooney or some other hoolywood actress told him the design was good .. I mean yeah its good but would you wear it in public.. but the desingers spend so much time I KNOW.. so much so that my brother took me to work with him, cause he was so busy just so we can spend some time together...

    so personally i am not much impressed :) but then thats me I am weird he heehehe


  11. @Bik, @SG, @Jyothi,

    The post is not meant for Fashion Design for Celebrities or that segment. This is for mass appeal designers.

    @SG, I have attended Celebrity shows in Delhi. These days they are not limited to NY or Milan. That is history. But these pictures are not from those shows.

  12. Wow !!! You attended a fashion show. It will be a Herculean task to get my husband to attend one of these.

    I like your approach to fashion and regarding hard work, I guess there is no such thing as easy money or fame in this case.

  13. Do more fashion posts. Maybe take help from your wife or daughter. Great attempt. You could even write about men's fashion. Your own- office wear, casual, sports wear, shoes, watches etc.

  14. I like how you have focused on that fact that fashion industry like any other is about hard work! Hard work along with creativity is what makes it appealing to so many people across the world. Just mere shopaholics are not enough to drive a Billion Dollar Industry! There is a Strategy involved! :)

  15. very well written
    like the pics

  16. lucky you are! I wish I got to attend some fashion shows!

    I guess the word "fashion" has a lot to do with time, but for me any garment that flatters the person wearing it and is aesthetically appealing is "fashionable."

    P.S. I had assumed for a while that you're a female blogger. Not that gender matters, but still it was a surprise to find out I was wrong!

  17. @Insignia, thanks. I wanted to keep it short and simple and yet convey the message.

    @Ria, of course hard work is the key in the fashion industry too.

    @Chitra, Thanks for appreciation.

    @Madhu, Thanks

    @Raji, Thanks. Trend Setter is the key.

    @Mangla, thank you.

    @BKC, it is okay. My post is really about fashion industry. Non glamorous part. May be I should have included some corrupt aspect to inspire your comments.

    @PW, oh you are in that 1% and yet you find top left dress nice. Good you are shifting to 99% soon.

    @Bik, I already replied to you. My post is about mass appeal fashion designers.

    @Geeta, I do what my wife says. Learnt it hard way. Haha. Not always though.

    @Kiran, my wife is not into blogging. It will be a challenge. If I try, I might end up not writing. My daughter is still little young. But you gave me good idea. Thanks.

    @Tanvi, thanks. I agree with you. You are the person responsible for this post. You posted my interview. My friend read it and asked me to write on fashion.

    @Sm, thanks.

    @Devie, thank you. I am a male with a wife and a daughter. I am not sure why you got the impression. But it does not really matter on internet. I try to be gender neutral but in all my stories the story teller has a wife and a daughter. I guess you did not read those as yet. See the right hand column. Short story – attempted humor….see the qualification ‘attempted’

  18. Good one @A!

    I am not a fashion keeper myself... Glad to know @Petty is with me

  19. I dont know much about this.I also dont know why some designers are so expensive. Some of the dresses they make cant be worn by anyone.Something like concept cars.I have seen in Fashion TV,some women wearing hats larger then themselves, and skirts made of leaves,and mny a times,nothing underneath.

  20. Fashion fascinates me ! I appreciate a well designed and tailored outfit as i know there is a lot of hard work behind it.I love watching fashion shows on TV as i find them relaxing.I would love to witness one such live show as i have never been to one nor do i own any designer outfit.Sabysachi and Ritu kumar's outfits are on my wish list.

    Thanks for this nice post A ..loved it .

  21. An interesting and informative post!!

  22. a different post .. i am not really fashion conscious ,but i do realise that its a ton of hard work that goes into making people look like a million bucks..

  23. I've never understood what is the whole point of these hoo-ha fashion shows.. At one time, I considered Fashion Designing for a career. There were many reasons why I did not pursue, one of them was the futility I saw in them. Who are these fashion shows for? Masses will never wear those impractical silly costumes some dressed like peacocks some like cardboard boxes..

    @Devie and @A: I also was for a lonng time under the impression that you are a female blogger. :) Thannk God I did not write any obvious comments. :) I assumed that because I don't know why a person would write behind an initial.. I did that for some time, but my reasons are obvious.. we girls need to do that.

  24. hey's sending all the positive vibes of laughing buddha...wishing and hoping to hear some pleasant news fm u...keep the cheers boss:)

  25. I am impressed are dabbing fingers in fashion too. I have to agree with @Bik... many of those so called displays are not usable at all. But some designers are cool...They make dresses which can be worn in public too...

    Those other high end fashion stuff, I dont understand why they bother to make it at all. No one will wear it publicly...

  26. Pleasant surprise to read fashion post from "A". I never paid attention to fashion world but enjoy watching celebrities dressing style..For me Indian local Tailors are great fashion designers..I was amazed at their creativity and final work.
    I liked two right side patterns...left one did not appeal to me.

  27. Why hello! I missed this one somehow! Very interesting to read your thoughts, A. Obviously I am one of the 99%, though I hope I have more going on in my head than only fashion, despite my blog! These shows look interesting, I do like the two green dresses on display, and yes, it is interesting to know the effort that goes into creating a piece. I would like to take up sewing a little, but even reading the sewing blogs makes my head spin a little... ; ) As one of your dedicees, thank you for this post!

  28. This was so different a post! I follow fashion only so long as it suits my taste. Comfort is the key. And yes. It is a lot of back breaking work behind the scenes! :)

  29. Hey A,

    I guess I was misled primarily because 99% of the blogs I read are written by women and it was a quick generalization on my part since there was no mention of your gender.

    Also,you're pretty considerate in letting others share their opinions and aren't overbearing with yours - traits I've seen more frequently in women than men.

  30. thanks!! we belong to that industry!!