Sunday, February 13, 2011

Saint Valentine : Villain Valentine

“What is the date tomorrow?” My wife asked early in the morning.

Hoping to keep my morning trouble free, I recollected her birthday and wedding anniversary, “We have plans for your birthday next month and our wedding anniversary was last month.”

“Don't you watch TV?” She stated with sarcasm.

Luckily an advertisement with Valentine Day Sale interrupted the morning news. In my mind I cursed retailers for constantly broadcasting Valentine Day sales but managed a reply, “Oh Valentine Day! I know. I am not a big fan of Valentine Day. Let us start following our Eastern culture a bit.”

“Okay. FINE”

First ten days of married life teaches the real meaning of ‘FINE’ and I have been married for more than ten years. Ignoring ‘FINE’ can be fatal. I decided to pick a Valentine Day gift from the nearest mall after my daughter’s tennis.

At the Tennis Court, our family friend Ajay suggested that I pick up the same gift for his wife Anita and he could watch kids while I was at mall. I liked his idea of saving time and I purchased two identical Gucci Perfumes wrapped in red paper and handed one to Ajay. We had no idea what was coming up next.

On Valentine Day, we got together with Ajay, Anita and their kids at Cheese Cake Factory for dinner.

“Ajay got me a beautiful perfume for Valentine Day,” Anita started, looking unusually happy.

“I got perfume three years in row now,” my wife replied.

“I really like what Ajay got me and the best part is he thought about it. Thought and effort both! And I don't even know when he purchased,” Anita said cheerfully.

Ajay, pleased with his action added waving hand at me, “At tennis yesterday, I took care of kids and he went to the mall. That is when he purchased one for himself and one for me.”

Anita paused. The fork in her hand would not move. Radiance on her face turned into rage. Controlling her anger, she asked Ajay, “So you asked your friend to pick up a gift.”

Failing to notice the change in her tone, Ajay replied, “Yes. I asked him to pick up two perfumes instead of one.”

Anita continued, “So you did not decide the gift.”

“I paid for it and it was just convenient if he picked up,” Ajay said stressing the word paid.

“So you just paid for it. Nothing more. You return tomorrow,” Anita clearly annoyed but still hiding the anger.

“I thought you really liked it. What is wrong now?”

“Because you did not think about it,” she replied but unable to control anger now.

To diffuse the situation, my fiercely feminist wife could only come up with a cliché, “Men do not have common sense.”

Anita replied, “Common sense, they have no sense.”

Wife is always right. For a spur of moment, I lost my sanity and forgot this fundamental principle and said, “We just divided the tasks.”

“Oh buying a Valentine gift is a task now and that I had to remind you yesterday.”

While I think of a reply, my daughter and her friend (Ajay’s daughter) became my guardian angels, “Parents, please argue at home. People can hear us.”

It was perfect opportunity to undo my mistake, “Yes. I completely agree. It is an expensive restaurant. I want to enjoy food.”

“But dad, we have a new name for you,” my daughter said.

“What is that?”

“You are exact opposite of Saint Valentine. So your name should be Villain Valentine.”

Dear Readers: - I will let you guess the factual or fictional part of the story. But more importantly please comment your view on the moral of the story and what happened to perfume that Ajay bought (sorry paid).


  1. What ever happened and who paid is not important.You will continue to pay for your being "Villain" for rest of your life.
    But, how could you do this?

  2. ha ha..What a nerve.....I would prefer NO gifts than to something like this... Exactly, How could you??? I think most part about the perfume is false. I don't think any man( who already has a daughter) would dare say that my friend collected it and I paid for it!!! Men don't have that much guts! He he...

  3. even i think most of it fiction only....

    Lols @"Villain Valentine".... hehe

  4. Either this happened last year. Or the whole of it is fiction. Cos valentine day morning has started in India now. And US- you have 13th night right now.

  5. Fiction or not my taste buds tingle at the thought of Cheese Cake Factory. :)

  6. Well its the thought that counts. So she should have just been happy with the gift. If he hadnt told her then she would have never known.

  7. Fact or was interesting.
    I could actually picturize the scene as I have been to the Cheese Cake Factory.
    The moral is:
    Men think it is always difficult to please a woman.
    Women think men have no sense what-so-ever.
    Happy Valentine Day.

  8. Hi! Friend..
    That was fun to read.. my opinion is best said through some lines from the story loveletter (premalekhanam) by famous malayalam writer...Vaikom Muhammed its in malayalam this may not be the exact style of his writing... still....
    "A rose gifted will lose its fragrance, will lose its sheen, petals will dry & wither...but..but the moment..the grace of the moment, the gush of emotions that filled your heart at that momemnt..that moment itself is your gift... the gift of love that leaves a memorable moment for your lifetime... "

  9. You are churning good stories A. I kept smiling through out. Anyway it was a nice change for me.. Refreshed my mind.

  10. lolz that was a day :))
    All the very best to you for next time Villain Valentine...ha ha

  11. I don't understand why men have to act as if they don't know anything. Day and night they are bombarded with ads which keep on reinforcing that an important event is on its way still they act so stupid. If they have wifes who expect something special on that day why not make an effort to make it special for them.They don't lose anything by doing that.

    The story must have happened sometime back, not this year, for it is not yet that day for you there.
    Now don't goof up this year too. Happy Valentine's day!

  12. ha ha ha! I can totally imagine myself reacting like your friend Anita.Ah,men!

  13. Your daughter is real smart and quick witted :)
    Happy Valentine's day!!

  14. Valentine's Day is to appreciate the love of your life... and the important thing to remember is - "it's not only for women!!" it's a day to celebrate for both MEN and WOMEN!! My question is how much thought and effort did the women put into their gift as there isn't any mention of the gift for Ajay or A?

    It's not only about buying a gift... it's to let the person know how much they mean to us and how much we appreciate their effort!!

    But being a woman, I can guarantee Ajay is toasted!! Unless he makes a big huge gesture the next year...

    And yes, Big Huge hug for your daughter to come up with an awesome reply!!

    Mannat's World...

  15. I don't think there was any fiction but Mr Ajay got the heat lolz

    Very funny. :-D

  16. He shouldn't have gone into the details...

    Okay, now to answer your question: It didn't really happen to you and Ajit! It happend to someone else ...

    As to what happend to the perfume, it is best returned - otherwise it would be a constant reminder of the insensitive husband...

  17. Very nicely put, couldnt identify the fictional part, but it was a very nice read.

  18. Your daughter is a real winner each time... I simply love her....
    Villian Valentine... Now I have found a name for my dad too... Thanks to her :D

  19. A, Nice funny read. Story is fiction because two men will never decide to buy same gift when they are close friends...women love to share their gift and at some point they are going to talk about it..woman always want her gift to be unique and special..not necessarily pricey.No wonder that Anita got have nicely expressed her reaction....I bet she made Ajay to return comment by your daughter at end...even though this is fiction but something similar must have prompted you to write this goof up by two men...If Ajay was gone to buy the gift then your wife would have got upset..I think they both would have cherished the gift if it was separately purchased. Ajay should not have revealed it so innocently.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  20. Assuming that this is true, it was an inconsiderate action. Gifts do not mean anything unless there is a thought and effort involved and Ajay failed in both departments.

  21. moral of the story
    learn to think before talking

  22. After 20 yrs of marriage I have stopped expecting gifts and giving gentle reminders..The usual reply is,"Look at the love in my eyes. Why do u want anything material...And I have accepted it.Anyways his choice is pathetic..

  23. Yesterday night my husband asked me very ironically , "What gift shall I buy for u?"I said "nothing, ur love is the most precious gift!"Any how I felt rather than asking something n feeling disappointed later ,better be contented with wht u have :))Looks like a similar story there at your end:))

  24. :) so Mr. Villain Valentine hmmm ..
    HOW YOU DOING :) he he heehe


  25. Just like cupid shoots his arrows I'm surprised that a fork wasn't substituted.

    Good to be back visiting, apologies for my absence. There is my Monday media post today - Tuesday.

  26. interesting and amusing irrespective of being fact or fiction. The perfume might have been hurled away in a fit of rage.

  27. The title of the topic was good and even the story..vist me at

  28. very could somebody do that and become a villain for life time...
    mark it down in lesson learn t!!
    need to make some good efforts nxt yr...
    no body can do that!!

  29. Be it a fact or fiction, I still wonder how could someone just pay for it, and ask another man to buy a gift! No men in this world will have such high guts to do something like this, and confess (read:not even confess , sayinG) that to his wife!!
    Lesson No 2: Never to discuss about gifts to another women :D
    Haha..but this is total hilarious post! Loved reading every bit of it! To me, V'day is all about sharing love, and the most beautiful feelings together...Gifts are secondary..err..not necessary, but most welcome :D

  30. hehe...hilarious post...
    I think this was more of a fiction..

  31. LOL, serves him right!!
    U know, it's not about the perfume, it's about the thought. A single rose would have sufficed for Anita if Ajay had just plucked it from the garden and presented it to her with a nice lovey-dovey message. THAT, is the common sense every one's talking about. :)
    This scenario is soo familiar, I ended up smiling, expecting what happened.

  32. You know I have a friend who dug out last year's V D gift from her hubby (a heart-shaped diamond pendant. what else) and started wearing it two days prior to V Day, just to remind her husband that it's time to buy another one. And guess what? He bought another heart-shaped diamond pendant, only slightly different. "I thought this is what you are supposed to give as a gift, a heart..."

  33. ROFL ROFL :D guys can be so dense...
    when will they understand money doesnt count in this matter :P

  34. I don't believe this really happened. So many years of marriage... a daughter.. and your friend does not know better??? It's just not possible **shakes head in disbelief** :o

  35. ha ha ha I really enjoyed the post and I am sure the perfume was returned and he will have to listen about his thoughtlessness for the next 10 years at least.
    and I second Choco's opinion lots of head shaking

  36. thanx for ur visit... :-)
    yeah, I do knoe Mr.RAMESH...
    I am one of his readers..

  37. hehe...why does valentine's day become a bone of contention for most married couples?
    sigh...valentine's day actually sucks thanks to husbands not bothering enough in the way we want them too...but then again a Gucci perfume, eh?
    *wondering now if something is better than nothing holds true*:-)

    great read as always:-)

  38. LOL...Its been 5 yrs of marriage for us n i still drop hints to my husband every yr for a V-day will be men...but even if you do not care for the gift atleast pretend to do so...thanks for your comments on my have nice blog here too...and looking at the no. of comments i think its waaayyy more famous than mine...

  39. guys will never change and so will the gals!!

  40. rofl!! you men r alllll the same! i'm with Anita! psst, just in case she plans on throwing it, courier it to sydney pl? :D

  41. Your write up is so funny. I think this is mostly fiction, I don't know about your friend, but you sound considerate and sensitive to do such a deed.

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  43. When I hear my friends say, "all men are like that", I say: "all men are MADE like that" and ofcourse "all women are MADE like this":) Most of the story sounds fictional except that you bought perfume for ur wife;)..can't wait to hear from you.

  44. Hi, I have seen you as a follower in the other blog of mine, which i dont use..i dnt want to disappoint can watch me updated on

  45. ha ha poor husbands...but yes i m on the wife's side here. One shud put thought into what they do, just paying for the gift doesnt help.

  46. Thanx for dropping in at my blog and posting lovely comments. You have a nice blog. Many a time your post seems to be long, but long enough to contain the essentials and short enough that keeps one itching to read more.

  47. I agree with sm.
    I don't think that your friend should have done in that way.Poooor wife.

  48. Nice one man! Enjoyed reading :)

  49. this is great- laughed sooo hard...especially about your mishap with saying "task" - ha ha!

  50. Whatever fact or fiction, I would have the perfume would have reached the dustbin or the store the next day! It's not about the gift per se, it's is however about the gesture of remembering and tact :D smiling all the way!

  51. lol..both stories... made me laugh. I am one who regularly forgets birthdays, wedding anniversaries, valentine's day etc.... I even forgot my partner's Birthday once...and never remembers mine normally.... People like us too exist....

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