Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caption the Capture

While walking on streets, buildings make interesting subjects to photograph. However inside of a building does not seem very appealing. Hallways, rooms, corridors, staircase, tables, chair, computer, books, book shelves and cafeteria all look the same. Here is something that I found attention-grabbing in a building.


Can you help me with a caption? Can you guess where did I take this picture?

Update:- I do have a caption in my ‘innocent’ brain and one person reached very close to it. I will publish my caption on Sunday.


  1. Looks like some conference hall or stadium.
    You may not know I am poor at guessing:)

  2. Aha! Cool! new use of tennis balls, eh?

    Caption : Bouncing chairs

    Place: class room?

  3. If I am allowed to cheat, I will go with "Bouncing Chairs" too. It is not my fault Alway Happy stole my idea :)

    As to where, I guess gymnaseum which is also a make shift auditorium... I have seen that in local schools.

  4. These chairs are flexi felt noise reduction classroom chairs. They can be used in classrooms and offices. They are made with tennis balls.

    Seems some kind of make shift cafeteria in an school or office. Ideally there should have been a big screen in front to watch World Cup. They could not put cricket ball.

    Caption- Cheer Ball.

  5. It's super balled :P

    I would be waiting for knowing which place did you click these..

  6. Poor balls! They are meant for playing, not for decoration. Imagine how many young kids would have been deprived of their game because of the wasted balls! :)

    Destination Infinity

  7. I am not going to give a caption but would comment on the photo.

    Perfect angle and frame. The green accentuates the otherwise sober colors. Good abstract!!

  8. Wonderful use of the tennis balls,It could be a sports club or anyplace associated with sporting events.
    Caption: Silent,sporty legs.

  9. First of all I must compliment for your photography.A good picture form a photographer's angle.Well may be some restaurant or conference hall or auditorium.And caption"Floor guard":))

  10. I liked detination infinity's comment.:)

  11. hi, glad to read your so true and beautiful thoughts on your comment,

    we all are aware that people of both countries have normal innocent heart but,
    it is fact that some strong selfish minds have left the issue behind to keep both neighbors busy in war so those can get the benefit,
    since beginning these selfish are playing like a monkey who took advantage from the cat's fight.

    i believe that both side of people love and respect each other and want peaceful relationship among them.

    your pics are a piece of fine art .loved this one too.god bless

  12. You love to tease and exercise our gray cells which is very interesting. Could be the cafeteria of a tennis academy...

  13. Is it in a classroom? I would caption this

    "Balls of silence" :)

  14. This technique is used to prevent noisy class rooms, with children pulling their chairs, and also to prevent scratches on the floor, mostly old tennis ball are used for this purpose
    However it was also found that using such balls which invariably collects dust, and cause allergic reaction in some kids, it has been discontinued in most places.
    This must be a class room or some hall.I don't know what caption to give, since I don't think I would ever use such balls, for there are better ways to eliminate sound, and scratches on the floor. But it was good to read about it.

  15. I am taking a wild wild guess here. Cafeteria at Wimbledon? he he...

    You took the pic Sitting on the floor? Must have been some sight! :)

    Caption : Balled Down. :D

  16. Caption : " Figs on heels "

  17. my caption..don't know if you could actually use it A...
    i mean A-certificate na lena pade:

    and would u please tell what did YOUR 'innocent' mind have in mind for this one?:-)

  18. Scratches Not allowed on floor

  19. To use a buzz word, "Moving green".

  20. Wow... these people must really hate the screeching noise made by dragging the chairs across the floor...

    although... these don't quite look like chairs though...

    - Mannat!!

  21. A school, a college, a community centre? If so then my caption would be 'SERVING the community since 20??'. Get it tennis balls - serving?

  22. tats a really cool pic...

    but no idea wher u clicked it.. :|

  23. interesting pic...dunno where n why though!

  24. maybe in the auditorium in the School vicinity that there is no noise and floor is also clean!
    picture is very good though!

  25. hmm...great click...
    I think they must have used this idea of ussing these tennis balls ,,so that there occurs no screaching sound or such disturbances at that place...hence it must be a library or a classroom...
    and about the title...let your innocent brain speak!!!!!

  26. .

    " Let's go green "

    Second option as to save our environment.


  27. green classroom
    green reception place

  28. I'm not sure about a caption... but it is an excellent photo (taken with your DSLR I imagine) ; ) We just got ours and are still trying to figure out how to use it...

  29. Well, my caption would be 'Evergreen Ever after' :P I assume the caption indicates the usage of t tennis balls in a different way even after the balls primary functionality has been done with.


  30. Hey A, you should not cheat :)
    See, you told u will publish what caption u have in mind..u never did that :(
    here's my part of should be a lawn tennis stadium...or may be wimbeldon's cafeteria??