Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sachin Tendulkar and Bharat Ratna

sachin-tendulkar The Maharashtra state government recommended center to award Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honor, to Sachin Tendulkar. Per cricket statistics, currently Sachin has most runs and most centuries in the test as well as one day cricket. Besides a cricketer, Sachin is a successful businessman with several brand endorsements, sports management products, sports fitness products and restaurants.

With no opinion on Bharat Ratna suggestion, the following part of news item (Times Of India) got my attention.

Endorsing the resolution , Opposition leader Eknath Khadse also said, " There has not been a single case where Sachin Tendulkar—in 21 years of his cricket career—has been accused or linked with match fixing or spot fixing. The legendary cricketer is the right candidate for Bharat Ratna."

Is it expected from cricket players to be involved in match fixing? Is cricket so corrupt that lack of match fixing accusation is quoted as an additional reason for Bharat Ratna?

Do you think Sachin shall be decorated with Bharat Ratna considering his business empire that is built on cricket career?


  1. I am not aware of what are the exact requirements for this honor ... but just going by Sachin's career and achievements (regardless of what Khadse said) I think he would be a good candidate.

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  2. He must be worth something as he is an icon of India. I haven't seen so many Indians love anybody with such sincerity as they do Sachin.

    I apologize to those who would be offended with my word "they" above. I am not a huge fan of cricket and so not crazy about any player.

    I have one question to the cricket lovers: I hear Dhoni played a huge role in this World Cup win but why then the media is focusing on Sachin so much?

  3. @NRIGirl,

    Sachin is the cricket legend. He has the most runs and most 100s in the test and one day...more than anyone else in the world. Dhoni is the current captain of the team and probably the best captain India had ever. Sachin is getting all attention because presumably it is his last world cup as he is almost 38 years old and first time in his career India won the world cup.

  4. I just know that he is a gem of India and hence definitely deserves the "Bharat Ratna" ...

  5. I dont know. But, it certain that these awards in the last few years have lost the credibility. No such award is given till it serves a political purpose.

  6. Hmm! Do you think Sachin is not the right candidate for Bharat Ratna? Who would be the right one in your opinion?

  7. Kiran,

    I really don't have an opinion. Tata got it so as Desai so as Nelson Mendela. Is he at that level? I don't really know. I won't be unhappy if he gets it.

  8. There are so many personalities in India who are offering selfless service, such people are not even seen or recognized. The popular and who are in the lime light are always honoured.
    I would be happy if such people get these kinds of awards.

  9. I think if any cricketer deserves it then it's sachin

  10. I respect him & a great fan , so ob I think he deserves it

  11. I dont know whats the criteria to be awarded a Bharat Ratna. Sachin has built a huge business empire yeah. But his philanthropic activities are rarely discussed; so we do not have an idea.

    But nowadays as Chowla sir mentioned; these awards have lost credibility. But if Bharat Ratna can be conferred to any sports personality; then Sachin is the right candidate.

    Lets not see how much money or wealth he has made out of it; the fact that his sport is cricket has enabled him do so.

  12. Today being non corrupt is the biggest qualification one has.

  13. I am not sure about that but one thing is sure. That we are desperately looking for icons and Sachin is the only name which remains untainted...Is there any other name in close contention? None!

  14. I think Sachin deserves the award. Regarding Khadse's comment, I do not know if being non corrupt is an additional criterion for the award, but certainly Sachin has always taken the game seriously and is very passionate about cricket. above all I think he is a genuine human being and has excelled in the field of cricket,and therefore i think he is worthy of the prestigious Bharath Ratna.

  15. I am not familiar with him- but he sounds like a very amazing man. How wonderful for him to get this award.

  16. I really don't care what these sportsman are awarded, for I am sure they are not asking for it , rather the government is falling backward and forward in giving these awards to people who neither deserve or aspire for it. They seem to have lost the meaning of such awards.

  17. I have written article on this topic sure it will answer your question.
    Sachin Tendular is not eligible to get Bharat Ratna –
    Know who is eligible to get Bharat Ratna


    Will wait for your comment.

  18. He is THE GOD for most Indians
    He is deserving of any honour, really!
    And yes, match fixing made the cricketing world poorer for it lost a fan in me:-)

  19. I dont know abt who is eligible or not for the Bharat Ratna, but I am of the opinion that Sachin is not only one of the greatest players in the world of cricket, but also a great human being. Apart from the numerous records that he has to his name in cricket, the very fact that he walks back to the pavilion in spite of being adjudged as not out by the umpire, is a great example as to how true he is to the sport.

  20. I support it. He should get Bharath Ratna. He is a great achiever and yet humble. He makes a common feel proud of being an Indian. I have also heard that he funds several non profit organization and does it quietly.


  21. totall second it , he is one man who have not been in any controversary and that initself is a BIG thing in india. where corruption is in our DNA ...
    he plays with passion and is a role model .. I would say he should have gone it Much earlier now now ..

  22. He is greatest cricketer ever and he does deserve great decorations :)

  23. when random people are getting awards,Sachin is a worthy contender.

  24. i think he truly deserve this award for his dedication towards the game of cricket and for his services to the nation for more then two decades....
    but getting recommended from Maharashtra Govt shows regionalism and we may see something similar from Jharkhand assembly for Dhoni...

  25. I have replied to your comment.
    Still I do not support and do not think he is eligible to get the Bharat Ratna.

  26. I feel khel ratna suits more...

  27. I read your post and was not sure of the criteria of the Bharat Ratna award, but I saw sm's post and read more details about award. Sachin don't meet all criteria...and cricket is team work so how can several best players can be ignored? Sachin is amazing gift to Indian cricket but better if he is kept hero in cricket world. Indians have loved him for years so I feel his award is already won.

  28. Maybe more for the joy he has brought his countrymen over the years.

  29. Well..To me he is a great Cricketer of all times..the passion of Cricket is something in Him!
    Cricket means Tedulkar...such a fine sportsman...
    if he made millions frm Cricket its due to his hard work in cricket and capability for which cricket lover s Bows their head!

    Lemme give you an example...
    few weeks we were at fashion show(my Company people and me)...this was after we won semi finals with Pakis...
    I met this guy who congratulated for india winning the Semi-final..I congratulated back to him thinking he was an Indian..He said he is frm Pakistan...
    he was praising India and its players ...for they played so well....and specially Tendulakr he was saying ..The Gem India has...He was saying We"pakis are like ...this guy would give us hard time...Glued to pitch.."he is luck Charm india has...All genuine praises for this player..from the pakis..
    its amazing...he definitely deserves this!

  30. @SM, @Usha

    Per my information and based on the list of recipients of Bharata Ratna award, there is enough flexibility in the system to recognize outstanding work in a given field.

    Originally it was only for living Indians. But rules were changed and award was granted to posthumously too. Further rules were changed and foreigners liked Nelson Mandela was also awarded with it.

    Key is OUTSTANDING WORK. Even JRD Tata has been awarded with Bharata Ratna but he does not fall in the category of Science, Art or public service.

    One could argue Economics is neither Art nor Science but Amartya Sen was awarded too.

    One could argue Sports is an art so why not...

    There is always a first time to recognize like India started recognizing foreigner and neutralized Indians.

  31. Maybe, he might be not be involved in match fixing, but to our eyes even Kapil Dev was a hero back then....

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  32. I had written a post once" Do we need these awards".
    The credibility of our awards are gone.One can buy these awards for some money.Is there any poor guy who got this award?.The current rate for Padmasree is said to be about a crore of rupees.Many NRI businessmen have been given this award..for what?
    Sachin is a good player and has made good money.But is it service to the nation?

  33. I will just say read again post.
    Tell me as social service what Sachin has done.
    Read more about Tata and Sen
    Sachin is big zero compared to them.

  34. Sachin deserves 'Bharat-Ratna". I agree with you 'A'.

  35. I'm not a big Sachin fan per se..And I do not like the fact he endorses more that what is required...but for cricket fans, he is GOD! And he did bring India as in Cricket to a great level. So he does deserves this...

  36. It's a tragedy, that people like Bhimsen Joshi, Lata Mangeskar, Ravi Shankar, Bismillah khan , etc got Bharat Ratna , who don't really deserve it... Sports, Arts, Cinema , Music should have another category of award , they don't deserve the Bharat Ratna.. By the way, do u remember who brought Green Revolution in India? That man deserves Bharat Ratna more than any actor, singer, sportman or artist.. Jut a thought....