Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Names in Facebook Era

Expecting parents spend hours and days discussing, debating and sometimes arguing about the potential name of the baby. (Well we all know the wife always wins but that is a topic of another post.) For some choosing a unique name is essential (even if people cannot pronounce it) and some are happy with a common name. Referring religious scriptures, name books, consulting priests, using horoscope and sometimes just using a famous star’s name are common practices. But can you imagine referring to Facebook for a name.

Yes, an Israeli couple named their baby girl ‘Like’ – taken directly from Facebook ‘Like’ icon. See the link below

Inspired by Facbook, Israeli couple names their daughter Like

But that is not the first couple. Earlier this year an Egyptian couple named their baby ‘Facebook’. Link below

Meet baby girl ‘Facebook’

What is coming next? Shall we expect names like

  • Google or may be Bing if parents are bloggers or believe in search engines
  • Yahoo, probably not as that is an old site now
  • IPhone or Mac for the cult that always advocates Apple products
  • 4G, high speed baby name of telecommunication professional parents
  • May be ‘Pentium’ inspired by high speed processors
  • LOL for e-chatterboxes

What do you think? Please do add some more.

(PS:- Like many other posts, readers’ comments are more interesting than the original post, so please do read them.)


  1. I have more hilarious examples of names that I have heard. Someone I have heard has been named Attachi (suitcase in hindi). and almari (almirah). Really, I have heard these names.

  2. I also had a client whose actually name was- Aashiq. I used to refuse to call him by his name. And even in my phone, I did not feed his real name. Imagine my phone ringing and the name is- Aashiq (lover in hindi)

  3. Also I had a friend. In her family the tradition was to keep all names like- Vandana, Bhawna, Pooja (name for prayer in Hindi).
    So we friends used to joke with her- Now you should name your children, parshad, ghanti, halwa etc. But that was a joke.

  4. First 3 comments are mine. Not bad..

  5. Hahahha at the Aashiq story!!! Also, there is a singer whose name is Ashanti! Now I am quite sure her parents didn't know the name before they named her - probably they wanted to go with Shanti and someone mis translated it for them!?!

    ♡ from ©

  6. Funny @A! Actually Bing is real name. I know a fellow parent from China whose name is Bing Li.

    Of all names, I find these name very interesting Queenstar (that's me) & Sweetstar (my sister)


  7. @Kiran,

    Can't believe name Aashiq. :))


    Haha. Ashanti..:))

  8. @NRIGirl,

    How many names do you have? First time you mention Queenstar? I knew Queen and your real name and of course NRIGirl?

    So star among queens: the the origin?

  9. Its really ridiculous to see parents name their child like especially when there are so many beautiful names to choose from. It shows lack of creativity not to mention over obsession with facebook.

  10. Oh too funny about the facebook and the like names- however, I have a TRUE story- and I think mine tops these! :)

    In Ghana, I knew this lady from China and her name was 'Starring' I thought this an intriguing after I had gotten to know her for quite some time, I asked her how she came to have this name.

    "Oh this is my European English name"

    hmmmm...I had never heard of such a name I asked where she had found this name.

    "oh it is on EVERY English see it at the end...starring...starring..."

    I promise this is a TRUE story!!

  11. @Whirlwind,

    Yes. Obsession with Facebook. Some obsessed with movie stars at one time, no wonder why we have so many Rajeshs.


    So funnnnnyyyy. Haha. I believe you completely.

  12. There is this gypsy community in Karnataka who have the tradition of naming on objects/places/any damn thing.

    Jalebi, Wipro, Cheeta fight(match box), Paris......

    They hear to something and if they like it, their children get that name. I forgot the name of the community though :)

  13. And yeah Malayalees are know for their interesting names without a meaning.

    Ninny, Sini, Rini, Joby...

    I have a friend whose name is "Nice mone" (mone meaning baby/child) and his brother is "Happy mone" :)

  14. Lolz !Soon we will see people with names like Draft ,Link .

  15. yes its so funny. Imagine how the kids would feel after growing up - they would be stuck with such funny names and probably rebuked for it - just because their parents wanted to be 'different'. :)

  16. hahaha!!

    Blog? Post? Tweet?? hehehe there are too many names to choose from ;)

    Vaise I like Like :D but the baby will be facing probs in future. Imagine some one saying "Hey Liek, I like you, u like me?" and She saying "I am like how can u like me? :D

  17. I knew a girl from my college and her name was "Rasna" - remember the advertisement was so famous on Indian television that her parents named her so. How about Pepsi or Mirinda ?? has anyone heard of it ? LOL :)

  18. I used to know a Punjabi boy named Happy, and his brother with the name Bunnty. Well Punjab too is famous for naming their children in very funny ways. And Bengal too is famous for keeping weird names which has no meaning at all like Bojo, Bebu,Joko and so on.
    I think it is natural to find funny sounding names in every community, like I know a South Indian family who call their daughter Vichoo, short for Vijaylakhmi.
    And of course when Indians go abroad, they automatically call themselves some very short, funny and Christian sounding name, derived from their own name.

  19. i wonder what they will come out next .. Orkut .. Blogger. Wordpress ..

  20. There is a joke in Tamil movie. One guy is named Alagesh and he wants to change his name when he goes to US. Guess what name he selected? - Al Gates!!! :)

    But I think the sanskrit names sound much better, atleast for Indians.

    Destination Infinity

  21. ha ha that was an interesting read for sure...kind of agree with what Bikramjit has said.

  22. @A! To answer your question, Hephzibah Queenstar Israel (Livingston) aka NRIGirl - to give you my full name! :))

    Queen is derived from it

  23. It's not just funny but madness to some can parents name their children facebook etc. etc. How will the kids react when they grow up.
    In Nigeria people named their children after the days and months like Sunday, Monday, April, May and also like Patience, Comfort.
    At least that made some sense.

  24. I have 3 cousins named, Thinkal, Chovva and Bhudan..which stands for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in our language. All used to ask their father how the children will react once they grow up... the kids turned adults and no issues with probably "Facebook" too will start taking pride in his/her name...

    I too have an unusal name... very rare even when i google...I am still surviving... ;)

  25. Quite right! But that is how the names evolve.. Ms Google and Mr Ipad sounds nice, dont you agree?

  26. Hmmm.... What's in a name right? There was a dog called Facebook in Gomaal 3. I found that a bit silly too. Can't imagine calling someone blogger or Wordpress! I think I will leave specific instructions in my will to my kids regarding the names I would approve of for my grandchildren. He he

  27. imagine parents nameing their children as 'OMG','ROFL','LOLZ'......
    Its THE facebook era

  28. That's interesting..
    I never knew that technology helps people in this way:P

  29. so hilarious...facebook>>>like!!
    isnt it dumb!poor kids...they will have hard time in school!
    I knew a family where they had twin daughters,,,
    Giftu shiftu..
    first one was gift of God,next one they didn't know what to something similar shiftu!

  30. ha ha1 lol is a good option..

  31. ppl r running a marathon of uniqueness, which sometimes result in mockery.

  32. considering this...i should have named seeya OMG...coz that's what i evoke mostly;-)

    and really...Facebook?????????????
    i mean...omg!:-)

  33. bing Li...i like that name ya...being a bruce lee fan i better do...haha..hey boss good post as usual ya...

  34. Like?!...really ? thats too much!!!

  35. Very nice, hillarious and interesting post.
    Infact people try to give names something different and thats the trend now. Names which are meaningless can be found more and more.

  36. hahaha..superb post!!thoroughly enjoyed all the comments and the post itself!!!

  37. Hilarious..I enjoyed reading it.
    It is as if people have run out of names.Any sound can be used for a name these days.Like music in Hindi movies,most of them have no meanings.

  38. named facebook!!! can't imagine...!

    i ve a friend by name 'sajni'... but she didn't know what that meant until the day she met me .. (that was whn she was 17..)!

    my name itself is rags often times when people mis-pronounce it... it's a sad tale...

    good blog! :)

  39. You forgot twitter.... n the nick name could be tweety :D
    Btw I know a guy whose surname is Yahoo.... :)

  40. I'm with Tweet!

    Yikes, people are unbelievable, and some people shouldn't really be allowed to procreate...

  41. Very interesting--Doesnt it really show the mind set of present generation?
    What Bikram says is funny

  42. gosh, why..why would anybody do that?!?!?!?!
    Thank goodness for being able to change names legally..
    I already have one hiking event scheduled for this Sunday..let me know if there is something else you guys are organizing..

  43. What's in a name? - Shakespeare

  44. Poor kids!!! imagine how much they'll get ridiculed for their names!!

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  48. Hilariously ridiculous matter :D....kinna badal gaya insaan :D....i wish i had a "LIKE" button here as well..coz i liked not only the post but also each and every comment inch by inch yard by yard :D:D:D:P:P:P...Gud job all :D....made my day!!:)

    (Note:srry Amrit G, i deleted my comment thrice :-\ ...was so xcited 2 comment that it was full of typos ...."TYPO" is also a gud name ryt :D:P or delete :-|)