Monday, June 13, 2011

Darling I may lose…

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! Alone and completely engrossed reading a book on philosophy, Sam lost his concentration. Sam thought of ignoring the call. He needed to relax after a tiring weekend. But loud ringing tone of six cordless parallel phones would not stop and it began to irritate him. He could not find any of six phones in his large 4000 sq. feet house. Sam ran upstairs for the cordless in the bedroom but no phone there either. Suddenly the ringing stopped. House becomes silent again. But that was short lived. Somewhere in his big house, he heard a cell phone ring. It sounded like ringtone of his wife, Anita’s cell phone. He fetched her phone from a small purse tucked away in a big purse.

Sam pressed the green button, “Hello.”

It was Anita calling from her friend’s house, “Sam, have you seen my cell phone?”

Surprised by her question, “You are talking on your cell phone. You called your own number.”

Anita sounded relieved, “Thank god. I did not lose this one. I guess I left it at home.”

Knowing it was common for Anita to forget or lose her cell phone, Sam could not completely avoid sarcasm, “No comments.”

Anita continued, “But I need it now.”

Slightly perturbed, Sam asked, “You are at Amy’s house. Why do you need your cell phone there?”

“We are going to downtown Raleigh. So I need my phone with me.”

“But you are going with Amy and she has one. All of you don’t need to carry cell phone.”

Anita replied, “We are going in separate cars. So I need it for safety or just in case something goes wrong. Can you bring my phone to Amy’s house?”

Not willing to give up his book, Sam refused, “I cannot come now. You know I had a busy weekend. This is the only time I got to read and relax.”

“Can’t you spare 15 minutes for me.”

“I can’t today. Why don’t you come home to pick it?”

Anita tried another approach, “Remember, I drove to Greensboro for two hours to bring the duplicate car keys when you lost the original.”

“That was different. I was stranded.”

Anita turned to the well tried traditional approach, “Please Sam. I am always there when you need me. What will my friends think that my husband can’t drive for 15 minutes for me?”

Emotional blackmail worked and Sam agreed to be a delivery boy.

Just as he was about hang up, Anita added, “Please make sure you wear some good clothes.”

“Why? You are going to come outside. Aren’t you?”

Anita politely clarified, “Amy’s husband wants some help with his computer. It is kind of slow. I told him you are an expert. You can help.”

“It seems like my Sunday evening is ruined. Why did you offer without asking?”

“I thought you are coming anyway.”

Annoyed but accepting the circumstances, Sam changed, picked up Anita’s phone and drove down to Amy’s house. Trying to smile and pretending to be happy, he rang the doorbell.

The door opened with camera flashes, clicks and loud blast, “Happy Birthday Sam! Happy Birthday to you! ”

Confused, mesmerized and dazed Sam could not believe his good fortune. He did not remember his own birthday but all his friends and co-workers were there to greet him. Just after the cake, Anita handed his birthday gift, an iPad2 and a card. Along with the card, she gave him a hand written note on a small pink paper.

The note read, “Darling, I may lose phones. I may lose keys. But I never lose sight of the family.”

Dear Readers: - I will let you guess Sam’s reaction, fictional and non-fictional parts of the story.


  1. Wow!!Sam's lucky.
    Ob he will love the surprise:)

  2. Happy Birthday To s'A'm :):) Beautiful couple :)

  3. Happy Birthday to s'A'm, or should we call him Chuppa Rustam.
    You decide and tell us.

  4. Wow! Happy b'day to SAM:) Sam had never expected the surprise, obviously he would be amused to see his lovely wife having this party arranged for him. The note told everything. It was a great post.Loved it.

  5. wow lucky to get a wife like that, and lucky also if cant remember his bday.

  6. What a brilliant idea. Using her short comings to her benefit and surprising her husband along side. Happy Birthday to Sam!

    P.S. Was an engaging narration!

    ♥ from ©

  7. I loved the way the wife used her 'missing' phone to lure her hubby over- and clever idea about 'helping the neighbor with his computer'- to make sure he came dressed well for his birthday party! What a GREAT wife- and must be a great hubby for her to go to all that effort ;)....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  8. :-)

    Fiction or not; its sweet. :-) Happy birthday to Sam :-)

  9. Sam looked at her and remembered how she looked, so beautiful and pretty, on her wedding day. To him she still looked the same. Both of them looked into each other's eyes for a split-second and without saying a single word, knew, in spite of everything, how much they still loved each other.

  10. Lucky Sam...This is what life is all about..simple pleasures!

  11. So, who paid the bills for the party at last ? :P

    Destination Infinity

  12. happy b'day sAm have a good year and hope he enjoy's the iPad 2

  13. Wow, Good of Anita.. Family is most important everything else can wait and dont mean a thing if Family is not there ..

    ANd Sam is lucky to have someone like that in his life ..


  14. None is fictional, except the names or the gift... Happy Birthday @A! Advanced or belated please accept it....

  15. what a genuinely delightful idea!! looks like i will be using the 'lost phone technique' in a surprise party too.... lucky Sam!!

  16. Wow! This post made my day. Happy B'day to Sam. He is lucky to have Anita.

  17. cool are a story teller!

  18. We do tend to forget things that used to matter to us in this fast paced life... Sam's lucky to have a partner to go to all lengths to make sure he pauses and enjoys life with the loved ones...

    I really hope its a "non-fiction"... Couples like Sam/Anita are very rare!!

    Happy Birthday to Sam!! and Congrats to Anita for organizing the whole event so well!!

    - Mannat!

  19. Good one A...:))
    These small acts make life so beautiful....

    Best wishes,

  20. Lucky Sam and Anita! How can it be your Birthday Gift! Don't you already have an iPad. Is it really your Birthday?

  21. Oh I do love a happy ending. Anita's note was quite beautiful. Happy birthday to Sam whether he be fictional or otherwise.

  22. yeppp..fiction or not; it's sweet:)

  23. sweet...lucky Sam n lucky Anita to have her hubby agree to drive around n help with the computer...reminds me of the surprise party I gave to my hubby once...sweet memories your sweet post has awoken A:-)

  24. very sweet ...its was a surprise birthday party,.. BUT...I believe that SAM was actually "A" isn't it..
    I like the expressions used in the post..I can easily relate!

  25. Sam is you. Belated Happy birthday.
    Do email me and tell me if my guess is right sAm.

  26. yes i also think that
    Sam is you
    Happy birthday

  27. You are a lucky man. I hopw you realise that is so unusual tese days to get such a considerate partner.

  28. Most women are sentimental beings and most men are clumsy in remembering dates. But, at the end of the day, it is the equation they share that is important. I am happy for Sam to have a caring wife and happy for Sam's wife who has a caring husband too if she goes to see his goodness beyond the realm of the filmy stuff.

  29. .

    After reading that small note written on the paper , Sam missed a beat, he couldn't believe his eyes , tears started welling . He was amazed at his wife's way of expressing her love. He was speechless.

    Very few husbands are lucky enough to be blessed by such wonderful wives.

    But in General women are more attached with family, compared to men.


  30. I think, Sam should be on cloud 9 with such a loving wife and caring friends. Not everyone is that lucky.Belated Happy Birthday to Sam from a fellow Geminian !

  31. Hi..Belated Happy birthday...

  32. Dear All,

    All of you guessed it right. The story is indeed based on a surprise party by my wife and daughter and it was just the way I like. Of course they ordered a perfect gift too. The fictional part is the timing. My birthday was in Oct. I thought of writing this post in October but once it got delayed by 2 weeks I kept postponing for an appropriate time. The reason I wrote it now:-

    1 I always knew it is good luck to have a considerate spouse but the notion got reiterated by external incidents.

    2.It is my 100th post, so wanted to be special - dedicating to spouse.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – late or early – that does not matter. Let us say these are the wishes for 100th post. Thanks for being with me and hopefully we will continue to be together for many more hundreds to come.

  33. .

    Belated birthday wishes (7 months)and I guess it will be more proper to wish you birthday in advance ( 5 months remaining)

    Three cheers for the gorgeous lady who loves giving pleasant surprises to her husband.

    Wish you both a wonderful married life.

    Many good wishes on completing successful 100 posts.


  34. Heartiest congratulations for your 100th post. It is very special post indeed.
    Continue to write such amazing posts in future too. Look forward to reading them.

  35. Kudos for reaching this landmark !

  36. You are one lucky man !
    and yes it happens Life gives you pleasant surprises when you are expecting them in the least!!!!I wish you to have a life full of such delightful surprises...I hope life has so many blessings and smiles to throw on your way:)
    stay happy...

  37. Dear friend,

    Belated but sincere & warm birthday wishes from my heart for many many more bday surprises to come...

    The way you took us along with sams emotions was really remarkable friend, along with door that opened for sam, one could feel a moist welling up in our eyes, the value of real love revealed.. great job...

  38. I read the reply first and reading the post now. So I know the answer.

  39. Belated Birthday wishes.
    That was a nice surprise for you and a memorable one too. These little things are always cherishable.
    This reminds me of something funny... a friend of ours in Brazil once called us saying "I am inviting you to a surprise party that my daughters have organised for me".......LOL

  40. Happy B'lated birthday!! Surprises r always good. :)

  41. Belated Happy Birthday sAm...... :)
    It was really sweet of Anita to plan such a nice surprise for A, i mean sAm.... :D

  42. Wonderful!!:))...So, U r the so called Mr.Sam haan :D ...hmm,Happy belated b'day wishes 2 u!!:)..U r indeed v.lucky 2 hav such a LOVEly wifey ;)...and u know wat I was gonna write abt Mr.Sam if I dint knew it was u dat Mr.Sam sounds lil mean 2 me :O..OOOPS:D...but 1ce I came 2 know dat it was u,I realized u r not..the way u dedicated ur 100th post 2 ur wifey shows how much she means 2 u and dat u r not dat mean as i perceived 8) :P:D.hehe..Dat makes u guys a gr8 couple!!:))...God bless and Hearty congratz on ur 100th post !:)..May the saga go on and onnnnnnnnn !!Gud luck!!

    (BTW, I also give such surprises 2 my hubby now and then :)) and i enjoy every bit of his reactions :D ...but not always with ny xpensive gifts tho 2 believe in small pleasures of life and njoying every lil moment of life .....:))

    Mann se...................

  43. A sweet post!!


  45. HI A long time,but I am back here.Seems like may be small things are fctional like the gift part or computer repair part etc,but as Nri said ,it must be your birthday!so happy birthday .

  46. oh that was an amazing post, real life stories always click well :)
    Youre blessed to have a great family! May God keep you and your family together and happy always!

  47. hey buddy how u doing long time no c..cheers.

  48. So sAm - you're a Gemini? Sweet story. Can't wait to hear more. Or is sAm so busy with his iPad2 that he has no time to write his blog?
    Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one :)

  49. Congratulations on your 100th post. I couldn't agree with others that it was on your b'day as I know xactly your b'day which is no way nearer. But I am glad that this happened to the (real)story was very imaginative and interesting. Happy b'lated / advanced birthday wishes A!!

  50. take care of yr wishes boss..

  51. Enjoyed ur beautiful birthday story......:-))!!!!

    p.s: u forgot ur own birthday;-o

  52. A very very nice one, A. I first thought you were entering into fiction writing before i realized that this was the story of your own birthday. So considerate of ur wife to do that. :) I would do something like that for my near and dear ones too. :)