Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Guess who are these people?


Let us see if you can guess who these people are and where I took this picture. Some hints. This place is popular for:

  1. Relaxing vacation and beaches
  2. Islands
  3. Invention of a machine that made this world a small place
  4. History

But then who are these people? What are they doing on this beach?

(Click on the image to see an enlarged version)

PS:- Yes. It is a picture of actors of a play. See details in my next post The Lost Colony : Outer Banks


  1. have no idea so no guess.....waiting for others to answer !!!

  2. My vote for Hawaii.. Are they artists dressed up as islanders to reenact war dances ??

  3. ahhh my bad! em so bad in guessing places..but I would go with majority here..hawaie?;p

  4. No clue. Yes, you have given clues, but I don't have a clue what they are! :)

  5. @Irfan,

    No problem. It is the first time, a quiz is not solved within 4 hours. So it is slightly difficult.

    @Insignia, @Nirvana,

    It is not Hawaii.


    You are in the right direction though it is not Hawaii.


    North Carolina?? Where in North Carolina? Can you be specific?


    I guess they like to or probably they are doing it for camera. Haha:)))


    It is not Hawaii.


    It is the first time, a quiz is not solved for more than 4 hours. Good :))

  6. Somewhere in the Usa?-sWETHA (wHIRLWINDTHOUGHTS)

  7. Is it Bali or Bangkok ?
    Maybe they are shooting for a film.

    A real tough one this time......

  8. @Swetha,

    Yes. It is in the USA. Some people have guessed the state too. But I am looking for a more specific answer.


    Yes. It is tough ;))) First time people find it tough. It is in the USA. No Bali or Bangkok.

  9. I think they are native Americans, but where they are I am not able to guess. Will wait for the correct answer. Nice picture.

  10. North Carolina- wherever the Wright brothers brought the airplane?? I don't know- they are probably doing a re enactment of some kind??? Very curious to know the answer now.

  11. Kitty Hawk, North Carolina??

  12. A real puzzle this one - I'm almost tempted to cheat and put the small clues you give us into a search engine ..... but I won't, I'll be good.

  13. Is it the Pettigrew State Park in North carolina?

  14. Please Provide the answer already! :D How are poor souls like me to know about places in North Carolina? ;)

  15. @Arkay,

    It is not Ohio. Sorry. But thanks for trying.


    Yes, they look like native American. I will publish answer tomorrow.


    You got the place right. Wright Brothers flew first plane here :))) You kind of got the answer.


    You can cheat. Refer Google, Yahoo etc. no issues:)))


    It is around Pettigew park.


    Sure. Answer is already in the comments.


    It is not really a beach festival. Sorry.

  16. looks like modern Ram and Sita.

  17. @Harman,

    You are so funny :)))

  18. Very difficult to guess. May be they are doing some shooting for Indian film.
    When time permits visit my new post-

  19. Kitty Hawk, NC ? Coming in late, sort of helps! :)

    Destination Infinity

  20. US History is Greek to me... I would have pegged them as Greeks...but that isn't so...
    So they can be Texan or Californian...I wouldn't have a clue..

  21. I am sooooooo late but know the answer now wouldn't have been able to guess it without Google