Thursday, July 28, 2011

What makes a vacation perfect?

Vacations are fun but some say vacations are stressful. Does vacation mean beach or a trip to mountains? A few consider lazing on a pool a perfect vacation but hiking and theme parks are also popular. For me a fun vacation means:

  1. Visiting new places: Exploring new cities, viewing architecture of the city’s buildings, getting sense of culture and tasting local food always provides opportunities to learn something new and interesting. It reiterates the vastness and the glory of our wonderful world.
  2. Choice to be isolated or party: At times one needs to introspect and spend time with oneself. Having an option to isolate from the crowd and relax is a prerequisite. But on the same time, a party is always fun.
  3. Reading: Reading and relaxation are kind synonym. No wonder both words start with an ‘R’. Reading an interesting book is a great pastime. Unfortunately busy life, television, internet and parties takes away our reading time.
  4. No work: Does it need explanation?
  5. No driving: In the USA, car is the most common (and cheapest) means to travel wherever possible. Driving for a day to reach a tourist place is not uncommon among Americans. Driving could be tiring and boring. Boring driving is not part of my vacation.
  6. No internet or cell phone:- I love internet but a couple of weeks without internet is a good break from anxiety of constantly checking work emails, personal emails, Facebook status messages or blog comments. No emails or phone calls asking help. No meeting reminders. No depressing news from around the world.
  7. Wife: No internet and no cell phone also keep away emails, text messages and phone orders of the dearest wife. No dictation of a long list of things to do. No phone calls with pressing emergency to complete household chores. And on a cruise, one can possibly find a place to hide in the library or on the deck and enjoy the sea.

I am sure one of these applies to you too. Which one? What makes your vacation fun?



  1. You have covered it all. Fun vacation is all points included. I would also add trying local adventure sports :)

    So when are you starting your travelogue? Waiting for it.

  2. Yes ,you have covered it all .One thing that has been on my wish list is to visit a place at the time it is celebrating a local festival.
    This is such a beautiful picture Amrit .Were you on a cruise ?

  3. You have pretty much covered everything a big yay to no.3,
    As for no.5 I don't mind driving outside of India cause don't do much driving here and in some countries driving is so much fun cause of the scenery

  4. What applies to me-

    visiting new places
    no work
    driving/no driving- either is OK for me.
    Last 2 do not apply to me.

    The only addition to your list is-
    dancing, adventure sports- hiking, biking, mountaineering, scuba, etc and shopping.

  5. for me the perfect vacation is at my home with my kids when there is no internet n the cell fone is switched off....!!!

  6. Reading abt the new place and gathering all info before we embark, visiting new places by self or family, not with unknown strangers in a group, tasting local cuisine, reading, and forgetting abt diet!! Shopping is last on my list and only if time permits...also no journey is enjoyable without my spouse!

  7. Irfan's comment is impressive.
    But I like the vacation that you mentioned:)
    It's kinda fun 4 me:)

  8. Number 3,4 and 6...then a vacation is my heaven!! :D


  9. For me its indulging in a lot of adventure that constitutes a perfect vacation-Whirlwind (Swetha)

  10. Explore new places - Thats going to be more of me..

  11. Vacation is perfect if you dont loose your baggage during connecting flights...esp the one with undergarments.

  12. Hey 'A' you have been showered with a set of awards.Please check my recent post.:) Congratulations!

  13. My ideal vacation is always by the pool, in my own city if possible :) - I hate to take extra efforts to climb a hill or do overnight journeys to reach tourist places. And I love it if I can go in my bike. I would just like to sit down, enjoy a beautiful view, sip the juice, think about how hopeless my life has become - All at the same time. That's bliss :)

    Destination Infinity

  14. vacation for me is where I am happy .. wherever that is ...

    you had a good time .. so what did you buy for me :)


  15. No cooking, no cleaning, enough sleep is my kind of vacation. Greetings to you from the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado.

  16. I love 1 and 4 when it comes to me and 6 when it comes to my husband-i haaaaaaaaaaaaate that phone when we are out together!:-)

  17. 1,2,4 and 5 work well for me. :) Well written...covering all the points.

  18. I like the sort of vacation in that picture !

  19. number 1, 4 and 6 work just fine for me;-)

  20. I love vacations, but well planned one. I don't like unplanned holidays. Vacation means lots of relaxing, wandering about in new places, trying new food, and generally enjoying every phase of it. There should not be any fights also, and one should never fall sick in a new place. Well that is my idea of a good vacation.

  21. My list includes all of above less wife plus music.... :)

  22. My list includes all of above plus music.... :)

  23. did I miss this post!
    now dat waz bad of me phew!!!
    I like vacations as they come with no condition's applied..
    I hate conditions,enjoy as you are and keep yourself happy with what you are!
    I usually sleep a lot during vacation or trips..specially if its a train trip...or car drive ...
    renting a condominium or a log house is fun ...But only with family!
    I like to swim ,dats my fav pass time during vacations.

  24. The 7th one should have read - "No wife".. :)

    OK.. vacation for me, would be any beautiful serene quiet place, could be the bank of a river, the shore of a sea, or just a corner of a home.. but it has to be with the presence of the people I love dearly.

  25. vacation to me is being back in my lovely village and meeting all of my old friends and relatives,
    but things you mentioned above makes them even beautiful
    god bless A.

  26. you have covered it all.
    nice pic and thanks for comment and asking about political articles.

  27. All applies to me plus adventure sports and knowing about local traditions, and the way people live their life there...

  28. My husband will agree with you an #7.

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