Thursday, August 18, 2011

North Carolina Joins Anna: India Against Corruption

Anna_CandlesOn Wednesday August 17, 2011, several hundred people participated in a Candle Light Vigil at Bond Park, Cary, NC in recognition and support of Team Anna and its fight against corruption in India. Men, women, students, and youngsters joined hands for this common cause. Besides discussing the differences between the bills proposed by the government and Team Anna, people signed a petition for submission to Indian Consulate at Washington DC. It is one of many efforts by Non Resident Indians around the world.

Author’s Note: - Why it is important for Indians to support this movement?


1. Truth and honesty are the foundation of India’s great heritage. Indian culture, society and value system revolved around genuineness, fairness and legitimacy. Teachers, parents, elders, leaders, books and religious scriptures quote examples of truthfulness and integrity of our ancestors. Our ancestors set an example for our value system. With the current corruption levels, what kind of example are we setting for our children? Are we going to give example of ministers with highest number of frauds?

Is not current corruption level challenging the basic fabric of our society? What is the evolution of social and value system if we don’t stop or make an effort to stop the corruption?

2. Despite being the 5th largest economy in world (after the USA, EU, China and Japan), per an estimate 25% people still live in poverty while elected politicians and leaders have millions of dollars in foreign banks. Scam, cheatings and bribery by high level elected officials is common news item.

Is that the right environment for a growing economy? Is that the right atmosphere to maintain law and order conducive for growth?

Corruption is hurting India economically and socially. It is challenging the fundamentals of Indian civilization, traditions and morals in turn integrity of Indian nation.

Kill the corruption before it kills India.

Jan Lokpal Bill is the first step in eradication of corruption. After losing hopes from democratically elected leaders and the parliament, Indians all over the world support Team Anna whose ideas resonate and relate with the common public.

Every drop in the ocean counts. Let us keep adding drops in the ocean of support for anti corruption movement. Let us make it strong and immense to crumble and eradicate the deep routed evil of corruption from India forever.

Credits:- Candle Light Picture, taken from Facebook (AIDCONFERFENCE – Pubic library) and picture of India taken from Google.

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  1. I was sitting glued to the TV last few days as I was getting inspired by the movement that is happening here which is electrifying. We need somebody very strong to lead us from the present situation we are in. A student of mine who do not get a square meal a day had to dole out Rs. 200 to local authority to get a OBC certificate.Money makes people blind and insensitive to others needs.Thanks A, for a well written post.

  2. Good work with the candle-light march! We are having one today at Bangalore near IIM. If you have any friends in the area, let them know -- 8 pm candle-light march assemble at IIMB.

  3. Good to see the Anna movement get support from across the globe. Even Chinese people have supported it.

    All this would not have happened if the people had selected their leaders properly. But then, the leaders are representatives of the people so its a vicious circle actually.

    Corruption stops when people stop becoming corrupt, because only then they will be able to elect the right leaders. This is applicable everywhere - not only in India.

    Destination Infinity

  4. Yes India needs support from every corner.
    nice pic.

  5. Some good will come out of this social churning..

  6. Yes, the entire world is standing up in support of Anna, with not just a few voices here and a few voices there, it is everywhere, and they are seeing it live through their TV sets that India's youth have come forward in large numbers and there is not a single instance of violence anywhere,till now, or ever, unless deliberately created by the corrupt government, which is wondering how to spoil things for the people.
    Thanks Amrit, I am sure you also must have been a part of the candle light vigil in Cary.
    And you are right every drop in the ocean counts.

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  8. It's heartening to see the kind of support Anna's crusade against corruption is getting not only from Indians but the entire world.Hope people of India win this war.

  9. Good to know! What is happening in New Jersey which boasts a HUGE Indian population? Let me look around...

    Nice picture of candles...

  10. I hope India wins this time! We need it more than ever!

    ♡ from ©

  11. Its a positive trend. I hope this works.

  12. The candle lit photo is lovely. I too am anti corruption, which has seeped into the very fabric of life in India.

  13. I hope all the hard work pays...India deserves so much more!

  14. Good Job...A the post.....
    \Somebody the other day was asking is there any war in India goin??
    I said yes ..."against corruption!"
    keep the torch high!

  15. Great work done by Indians staying in North Carolina to join hands with Anna to eradicate corruption. All Indians are with him.

  16. It is nice to know that Anna's message is spreading throughout the world!

    The picture looks beautiful.

    We, people, should also be strong in our mind not to support corruption in any form. Let us hope for a better, less corrupt, India!

  17. People from all the corners are coming forward in his support.... Hope the efforts mark a beginning of a new India....

  18. Glad to learn more about this matter, I have read several different views on various blogs but needed to know more.

  19. good to know this hopefully something will come out of this

  20. The action here is just too much to handle these days. We are either glued to TV to get ourselves updated with the latest or outside supporting the cause.

    May it happen soon.

  21. the corruption scams have infuriated an entire nation,time for some concrete action

  22. Wonderful!!! Any eradication of corruption is highly commendable. Corruption is definitely the cancer of society - and I cheer for someone brave enough to stand against this cancer!!