Friday, September 2, 2011

Answer: Who uses this picture?

IMG_5481_Sign_Quiz(For people who have not read my earlier quiz post, “Who uses this picture”:- I asked readers to guess the nature of business of a commercial organization that uses the picture on the left in the logo.)

“Why are you smiling?”My wife asked me as I read my emails on my IPad.

“I am proven wrong again”, I replied.

“You are always wrong. That is not new. But why are you happy about it?”

I was pleased because readers easily solved my quiz within hours of posting. I thought I posted a picture without any information and readers would scratch their heads for possible answers. But it turns out my readers are very perceptive, thoughtful, well read, and intelligent. They can break any puzzle. That makes me happy.

The picture is from a billboard of TRASTA KOMRCBANKA (a financial institution). Here is the link to the website of this institution.


At the time of wring this post, three readers guessed it correct:

1. Kalpana Misra as she commented, “I think that the image signifies abundance. To think in a really way out manner I'd say it’s an ad to encourage some kind of investments, promising good returns.”

2. Tanvi said, “okay I will say 'financial institution' for now!”

3. Rachna’s comment, “Really I have no clue. Looks like fruits coming out of a beret. Is it an investment bank that shows that your money will multiply?”

Reader left interesting remarks that included guesses like Perfumes, Hospitality, Wine, Shoes, Carpet, Furniture and Pharmaceutical. All comments are now published with the original post.

Thanks to each and every reader for trying and congratulations to Kalpana, Tanvi and Rachna.


  1. Ah! I am pleased that my logic turned out right :). Thanks for this challenging quiz.

  2. Oh Wow! I saw some 'cards' among the fruits which led me to believe it might be a financial institution! :)

    ♡ from ©

  3. Cool! Hats off to the winning trio!

  4. The most interesting quiz. Congratulations to Tanvi ,Rachna and Kalpana.And thanks to you Amrit ,it was fun.

  5. Thanks A for mailing about the quiz result. But I have failed? wish me better luck next time .
    But as everyone says, once they lose ,it's not always winning it's also in participating :)

  6. @Chitra,

    You did not fail. You cannot fail. It was not about accuracy - it was about imagination. This could have been logo of any product (as someone pointed to me) - from software to food. It is like trivia. Fun quiz just to make a point about copywriters' imagination and creativity.


    Thanks for the compliment Kavita. You are welcome.




    One way or other your guess was right. :)))


    You were right on spot. :)))) Great job.

  7. I loved this quiz. Could not have guessed it. But your readers are very intelligent.
    Keep posting such quiz. Food for thought. But give us some clues too.

  8. Congratulations winners.. God one this was. however I had a different thought.. It was nice participating.

  9. I scratched my head really hard... Anyway congrats for the winners.

  10. Looks like I think too much about food and the picture was too tempting to think of a financial institution! Anyways congrats to the guessers.

    Destination Infinity

  11. aah _ guessed right! Congratulations to A for getting us to use those little grey cells.

  12. Congratulations to the three ladies! Missed this quiz. Must have been interesting in guessing it right!

  13. Interesting ad for sure! I cud have never guessed it.

  14. I' am amazed that its for a financial institution... I was thinking its some fruit beer or something... :P

  15. that is great idea to start such little interesting games or puzzles,

    sometime these little challenges make reader to take out his hidden spirit.

    thanks for amazing sharing have a wonderful weekend god bless

  16. That was hard to guess.
    But I am really baffled by the pictures that get sold. I am a member of Dreamstime, and I am baffled by the pictures that get sold on that site. Mostly posed and artificial pictures.
    And then there is this affinity to rust. Yes pictures of articles getting rusted get sold fast especially in USA.

  17. Congratulations to those three who were smart enough to figure it out (especially I say this- because my guess was an underwear company) :) I love your riddles and quizzes- almost always I'm stumped and can not guess the answer!!

  18. Your Quiz posts are turning interesting. Keep 'em coming :)

  19. yes nri girl, Hats off to the winning trio!

  20. You are so right. The comments on your posts are as interesting as your posts. I make it a point to read at least a few comments on your posts.

    Nice quiz, keep those coming.

  21. Intelligent all of them, I could have never been able ot find out , Guess I am not that clever or intelligent :(


  22. congrats to three,.they have a keen sense of observation,.

  23. Gosh ..some marketing...I should learn from them

  24. A, this was very intereting puzzle and it was very creative to pick this ad picture and turn it into nice puzzle.
    I had read your earlier post and first thought that touched my mind was wine company but I observed those three cards and felt like may be this has to do something with software..I could not return to write my reply and here I am very much surprised to know that this is an advertisement picture of an investment company.

    Thanks for this interesting puzzle post..I enjoyed reading it.