Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Colors


Fall Picture


Falling leaves whisper in my ears

Let help and hope conquer fears


Colorful mosaic touches my heart

Telling life is pain and pleasure in part


Cool breeze jolts my soul

Altering essence to embrace a new goal


In days the trees would be naked and mute

Yet the stem has strength in the grounded root



Dear Readers:- As you know I am not a poet but I tried to capture my current state of mind. Can you guess that?


  1. Beautiful picture and meaningful words.

    I especially liked the last line: "Yet the stem has strength in the grounded root"

    Of course we can sense your current state of mind; please feel better soon.

  2. Beautiful pic and beautiful poem. I am sure just like the trees that shed their old leaves and then grow them again, u will be able to shed ur fears and insecurities and grow into a stronger person soon!

  3. You are being modest when saying you are not a poet. I like the last line.

  4. what beautiful colors...true... life is pain and pleasure both...and be sure that there is always a bright day after the dark night.there is this song in hindi..

    raat bhar ka ha mehma andhera
    kiske roke ruka ha savera...and

    raat jitnee bhi sangeen hogi
    subah utnee hi rangeen hogi

  5. Hmm. You are a poet. Touching words. Am I right in thinking that, however you camouflage yourself, what you are from within will always be stable and strong?

    Wishing you the best always A. Take Care.

  6. The photograph is so vibrant...

  7. Awesome trees..loved them and who says you are not a poet..
    Beautiful verses too :)

  8. This picture took me back to the Seattle days.. I love those bright fall colors. A walk in the evening when the cold breeze hits you.Aaaah the feeling is awesome. Nice one buddy.

  9. such a cute poem and the red in the picture took my breath away!
    keep painting the blogger space red with ur camera:-)

  10. My you are being modest, I loved this verse though I'm getting the impression that you could be feeling a bit insecure at the moment, that perhaps you have a decision to make. Hoping all is well with you and yours, thanks again for such a beautiful post.

  11. Ah the beautiful colors of fall. I loved this part of being in the US though abhorred the winters :).

  12. Pretty picture and great poetry-Swetha Amit (Whirlwindthoughts)

  13. beautiful picture, matching imagery and so very true ! the last two lines sum up everything !
    you are a poet , undoubtedly .

  14. Beautiful picture. And yes fall is here. :)

  15. The philosophy of the stem having strength in the grounded root, signifies indirectly that beautiful leaves fall off depending on the season.

    Destination Infinity

  16. Very beautiful and colourful picture. The trees are looking gorgeous. You have written wonderful poem. Superb post.

  17. Very beautiful, both the picture and the poem.

  18. I loved the pic a lot Amrit. I recall your first fall colors post :)

  19. lovely lovely....Nature at its best...
    I have one of those Big red trees in my front yard!
    thanks for sharing
    I love nature!

  20. the picture is incredible- and you have captured an entire portrait with your words- wonderful!! I love autumn-= and I love how you have put it on display in this post.

    p.s. how do you do your 'tabs' at the top of your blog

  21. What a sprightly colour! I can understand the state of your mind. Any sensitive person would become a poet seeing such beauty. You've penned a wonderful verse.